Teeth Whitening

Our teeth can discolor through the years as our enamel wears down. The wearing down of enamel allows dentin, a yellow color substance that makes the core of our teeth, to show through. This is what gives our teeth a yellowish tint. Teeth whitening helps restore teeth to a shiny white color through the use of bleach.

Teeth whitening methods
There are two popular teeth whitening options available through your dentist. The first, in-office teeth whitening, produces a significant color change in your teeth in a short amount of time, usually within an hour. The procedure is done at the dentist's office by applying a high-concentration peroxide gel on the teeth after they have been protected with a special shield.

The second method, involves the use of take home whitening kits. These whitening kits are purchased from your doctor for use at home. The strength of the gel used in these kits is lower than that used for in-office bleaching, and thus the gel can be applied for longer periods of time. Usually the trays are worn a couple hours a day or overnight for a few days or weeks depending on the product.

It's best to consult your dentist to understand which whitening option is best for you.


Zoom! Whitening Treatment

Zoom! is a professional tooth whitening treatment that gets your teeth an average of eight shades whiter — in just one hour. The treatment is safe, simple, and relaxing! Plus, Zoom whitening is championed by dentists and patients as a pain-free process.
About the Zoom Whitening Process:
• To prepare for Zoom whitening, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy.
• Your lips and gums will be covered with an isolation material to protect them during the teeth bleaching treatment.
• Then, we apply the Zoom whitening gel, which is activated by the Zoom light source. The teeth bleaching gel and light work together to gently break up the stains on your teeth.
• After three 15-minute applications within one hour, you rinse and the tooth whitening treatment is complete – leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.
We also recommend our Zoom whitening patients have us make custom, take-home tooth whitening trays so they can touch up their smile regularly and keep it at its brightest and best.
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Fast, Safe and Effective! LaserSmile®
LaserSmile® is the most advanced in-office accelerated tooth whitening system available today. It creates a more aesthetic appearance by reversing discoloration of tooth enamel. LaserSmile® combines an activation gel with the laser’s unique characteristics. The primary ingredient in the LaserSmile® gel has been used in teeth whitening for over 100 years. This proven system will give you a more noticeable whiter smile.
The procedure is quick and easy. In just one visit to our office you can sit back, relax and in 60 minutes you will leave with the brightest smile you have ever had.